A Hero’s Return: Chapter 1

Another novel idea I'm trying out writing. Enjoy! Prologue: The Hero and the Demon Lord   In the tattered ruins of a desolate land with dark clouds, two powerful figures stand alone surrounded by the cracks and craters of scorched earth. The wreckage of a chaotic battle between two beings holding the powers of heaven …

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Ataraxia Sanctuary: Chapter 3

“Y-Your Majesty!” (???)   The imagine of the tearful smiling face of a woman appeared on screen. The interesting thing was the joyful face was on a severed head and held by the body of a female warrior in black armor who had a purple fame in place of the head.   Dullahan Knight Captain …

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Ataraxia Sanctuary: Prologue

Hi, writing an original novel for fun this is the prologue(kinda an infodump sorry): It's also on RoyalRoadL: https://royalroadl.com/fiction/14179/ataraxia-sanctuary There's more notes and info on the page there. Also need a better title/name.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ataraxia Sanctuary is known to many by a number of names. To the humans of the past, it was the House …

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