Ataraxia Sanctuary: Chapter 1

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In a laboratory stands a young man in a white lab coat, his crystal white hair holds a small tint of blue and his features are mysterious yet handsome. Having a gentle and healthy physique that is well-built and strong only upon closer inspection, the man appears to be a person in his very early twenties, but he carries a noble aura of wisdom and maturity beyond his looks and sometimes gets lost in his thoughts and memories.

He possesses two eyes of contrasting colors. One is a cloudy, blood crimson, left eye that contains an unholy abyss that seem to swallow both entire worlds and death gods in a sea of unfiltered despair. The other is a deep azure, right eye that seem to contain the divinity to empower the stars themselves. Each contain immeasurable power and appears to see through the secrets and soul of anyone who are gazed upon by them.

Surrounding him in this room are flasks and beakers of a myriad of shapes and sizes. Plants, ores, papers, and tools are scattered all around. He is carefully observing a test tube above a complex magic circle that has a strange metallic liquid inside. He reaches out to various other test tubes before deciding on one containing a small amount of a blue liquid.

“One quarter orichalcum, a few drops of melted hihiirokane and mithril, adding chimera blood, six circuit catalysts, mercury gem, and star grass extract. Now the last step, a drop of refine liquid mana. If the combination works then the primary solution for the new liquid magic metal should be done.” (Iori)

He pours the blue liquid and waits to see the reaction of the mixture. The mixture starts to emit a slight blue glow before…


The test tube crack as the magic circle shattered and a tiny barrier surrounds the test tube as a safety measure. The man, Sakamaki Iori, sighs as he pushed the button underneath the table activating the clean-up magic formation.

“This is the sixth failure. Experimental Armament Validium 6A (Failure). Maybe I’ll need further analysis on the structures of prototypes or maybe I need better material… Tomorrow, guess I’ll work on the new magic rifles instead.” (Iori)

*Beeep Beep*

A small white light to the left of him blinks and beeps as Iori awaken from his thoughts. He looks at the clock that reads 21:02 and then at the black steel and adamantine door before moving forward to open it.

When he opens the door, what appeared was a cute little girl with angel white hair with a light hint of pink and a pair of bunny ears wearing a long purple dress along with a crescent flower hairpin. She was had the same mysterious and dominating pair of eyes as Iori, the only difference was the positions were swap with the red on the right and blue on the left. She has her cheeks puff and eyes angrily glaring at him.

“Hmph! Chichi, you’re late for dinner! I waited for half an hour and now my tummy’s growling!” (Yoko)

Iori’s face smile at his daughter’s angry appearance.
“Haha, sorry, sorry. I got too caught up with my research. Please don’t get angry Yoko.  How about this, we’ll teleport back to the house and we can have the special dessert I made?” (Iori)

Yoko’s eyes sparked with delight at his words and before returning to the angered look.

“Hmph! Don’t think that your words are going to work on me! I-Is it p,pudding? Don’t get me wrong! It’s not like I forgive you or anything, baka!” (Yoko)

Iori chuckles at his daughter’s words and takes off his lab coat.

“Okay, I get it. You can quit the tsundere act now. Let’s get to the teleport formation.” (Iori)

Yoko’s expression returns to a smile and the two activate the teleportation circles. They arrive at the entrance of a very typical modern day home. This is the personal house that the pair live in when they aren’t at the extravagant and large manor or castle. They entered the home and changed into slippers at the front entrance before Iori enters the kitchen grabbing an apron.

With the sound of the door opening the figure of a transparent round blob could be seen appearing out of thin air. The blob was a slime whose transparent body was of a myriad of colors. It noticed that there was going to be food and teleported to the house.

It hopped and followed Yoko to the dining room. The slime was Iori’s soul beast named Mochi by Yoko, a contracted creature that will be a person’s one and only beast companion. One can have many contracted creatures, but they can only have one soul beast.

Soon the sound of food grilling and a knife chopping could be heard. Leviathan hamburger steak, grilled orc king strips, fresh mixed vegetables from the nymph’s’ garden, carefully grown pearl rice, a bowl of miso soup, and for dessert, vanilla pudding with starberries and made with frost quail eggs and lullaby cow milk. The second all the plates went on the dining table, the two put their hands together while the slime put two tentacles together

“Itadakimasu!” (Iori/Yoko)
“Pyu~u!” (Mochi)

The slime jumped on an already pulled out chair and ate the large share Iori had prepared for it. The Iori ate as Yoko began to rapidly devour all the food. After a while, they prepared to chat.

“Did you do anything fun today?” (Iori)

“Yes! I had a spar with Natsumi-nee and I made some improvements in my martial arts too!” (Yoko)

“Great, let’s have a spar when in a few days. Let me see how much’ve improved.” (Iori)

“Um! I also forged this!” (Yoko)

Yoko stretched out her hand into the air and pulled out a jet-black throwing knife with small green engravings. She passed it to Iori who examined it as his blue eye glowed slightly.

『Weapon Appraisal: <Basic Stats> <Basic Specifications> <Basic Description> <Simplified Filter>』


[Frightening Nether Bane Emerald Drain Throwing Knife]
Rank: High Epic
Grade: Vampiric SS
Creator: Sakamaki Yoko
Attack Power: 39,000-43,400
Durability: 54,500/54,500
Attribute: Darkness
Weapon Innate Traits: [Everlasting Wounds IV] [Blood Thinner III] [Magic Reaper IX] [Touch of the Wither VI]
Engraving Abilities: [Area of Silence X] [Increase Sharpness IV] [Barrier Penetration VIII] [Mark of the Hunted V]
Knife Material:    Refined Mithril/Vampiric Steel
Blade Length:      20.8 cm
Blade Edge:          Plain
Blade Point:         Spear Point
Handle Length:   13.0 cm
Total Length:       33.8 cm
Knife Type:          Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:      250.0 grams
Description: A peak quality throwing knife that is perfectly capable of being the bane of every chant magicians’ existence, if they can survive the first strike that is, by breaking their defense and disabling their magic through a single throw. The superior quality of smithing and engraving would make grandmasters eat their hearts out. Truly worthy of a work made by the best.

“You never cease to surprise me. How many did you make?” (Iori)

“I used 【Duplicate】 and managed to make about sixty with the scrap from last time. Oh, any news on Feathered H3arts?” (Yoko)

“You mean the new idol group by the angels? I heard from Agnoren that they are the newest stars in the entertainment industry. Management is thinking of adding an idol’s guild branch to the entertainer’s guild. Those dragons sure are diehard idol fanatics.” (Iori)

“Oh, the latest magic rifles are going to be released to the battle academy and one of the limia maids is getting married. I think she’s marrying one of the lycanthropes of the Verglas Brigade. Finish up eating. You too Mochi. There’s spirit magic training and mathematics with Elysia tomorrow so you’ll need to get to bed early.” (Iori)

Yoko’s ears drop down slightly at her father’s words and finishes her food. Iori smiles at her cute expressions. Yoko’s ears then began to perk up as if sensing something.

Noticing her action, Iori asks, “Yoko, is something wr-?” Iori too started to sense something. After a few seconds…


*R-rumble Klink-k Ruumbbble*


The ground started to shake and the dishes clattered. If they were anywhere else, they might of thought it was an earthquake, but they were in the Sanctuary of Ataraxia.

There was no way for there to be an earthquake since they are on floating islands in the air. It couldn’t be from actions of the training ground or a lab explosion since the house is in a secure and private area. Even if the volcano near Hearth erupted, which is also impossible, it wouldn’t be felt.

Iori and Yoko exchange looks before both 【Warp】to the entrance of the main command and observation center.


Fantasy word notes:

Orichalcum- a mythical Greek and Roman metal resembling gold.

Mithril- a rare silver-color magic metal that is strong, light, and good with conducting mana. The most common of the magic metals in a fantasy world and deriving from Tolkein.

Hihiirokane- a legendary Japanese magic metal/alloy appearing like glowing flames that is harder than diamond, resistant to the elements, and a great conductor of heat.

Adamantine- a Greek metal meaning unbreakable and is a steel-like alloy that is nearly indestructable.

JP word notes:

Baka-  idiot or stupid

Tsundere- a character archetype of a person that acts mean, violent, or unfriendly but deep down is not

Chichi- a cute way that young kids call their father

Mochi- a type of soft Japanese rice cake.

Itadakimasu- Thanks for the meal or Let’s eat. It’s a traditional action in Japan said before eating.



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