Ataraxia Sanctuary: Prologue

Hi, writing an original novel for fun this is the prologue(kinda an infodump sorry):

It’s also on RoyalRoadL:

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Also need a better title/name….


The Ataraxia Sanctuary is known to many by a number of names. To the humans of the past, it was the House of the Hero King while it was the Castle of the Demon God to the demons of old. It is rumored to the present people of Seraphis as a holy realm called the World of Gods and Immortals. To the true gods, it is the Flying Fortress of God-Slayers.

To the legendary beasts and people of myth living there, it is the Islands of Paradise. To scholars, it’s the Realm of Knowledge. To adventurers, alchemists, and blacksmiths, the Land of Treasures.

To sages and saints, the residence of the Devas of Storms and Wisdom. To kings and emperors, their greatest backer from befriending or their greatest mistake in angering. Finally, to its inhabitants, it’s just simply a place called “home.”

There are twenty-nine floating masses of land of varying sizes. Each land mass have their own individual functions, environments, and climates. Facilities and locations range from a cavern entirely composed of magic crystals to a personal customizable dungeon to a dark mirror dimension.

The layout could be described to be a colossal-sized floating island at the center with nine smaller floating land masses connected around it in a circle.

The mainland is called Veritas while the nine connected islands accessible by magic bridge are named Verglas, Cascade, Hearth, Levin, Tempest, Petrean, Bullion, Umbrate, and Radiant. The majority of residences live on these ten island.

The mainland of Veritas holds Veritas City, the capital. It holds locations such as the Aurora Tower, Veritas University, and is the location of the World Tree and Spirit Beast Forest. It also where most dungeons are located.

The capital city, Veritas City, is a urban and suburban type area where skyscrapers of steel are also combined with skytop gardens and incorporate many technologies as well as nature to make a hybrid of a metropolis and small forest to allow magic beasts, spirits, animals, and people to live together.

Veritas is also where most people work and spend most of their days. The other nine islands are known as branches.

The branches are treated as the secondary residences. Many people travel to and from their residence at the branch island to their other home in or near Veritas City daily.

Four tall nameless islands fly high above the center of main continent representing the North, East, South, and West.

The five smallest islands are located under the corners of the mainland and operate as a separate mobile transport ship normally referred as Alpha, Beta, Omega, Gamma, and Phi. When in battleship mode, however, they become the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death.

Seven more are scattered all around while drifting aimlessly and are named after the Seven Heavenly Virtues in Latin: Humilitas, Caritas, Industria, Benevolentia, Castitas, Temperantia, and Patientia . The remaining three islands remain a secret.

Travel to and from the various islands are mainly through three different methods depending on the destination: using the teleportation formations, flying with magic or a mount, or using the magic bridges.

The islands are each surrounded by an invisible sphere barrier that controls the climate and weather while a colossal dome barrier encloses all the islands.

This colossal energy dome is responsible for concealing and protecting the entire sanctuary as well as helping to regulate the atmosphere, sealing in excess mana, controlling entry, and acting as the protective shell for when the sanctuary has to move or fight. It also allows travel through land, water, air, and space-time.

The main island contains thirteen magic towers that produce and refine mana while the others each have one tower which vary in size depending on the island.

These towers also function to clean the atmosphere, purify the land, and filter the energies on the islands. The sanctuary is also a home for a numerous amount of magic beasts, spirits and animals.


While the number of the people that are considered the citizens here is quite small for a nation and is only slightly over ten thousand, each possess immense power, skill, and ability that rival that armies and are all elites in more than one field.

All these individuals are under the protection of the sanctuary’s master, Sakamaki Iori. They strive to make sure the sanctuary thrives and to serve the him and his adopted daughter, Yoko.

Sakamaki Iori, a reincarnated Japanese that was reborn into the world of Seraphis. Through countless millenniums and hardships, he created many myths for himself and ended up establish a residence and manor that soon turned into the paradise, nation, and home of many.

Later, incorporating many of the cultures, sciences, magics, resources and knowledge of his old world and this one, he has allowed the sanctuary to grow into a technologically advanced and culturally rich and diverse democratic republic that also had godly military might, talented citizens, superior magic technology, advanced education, social equality, and a thriving industry in entertainment, cuisine, manufacturing, and agriculture.

The inhabitants range from high elves to sacred dragons to blood demons. Various races live and are employed in this large sanctuary: beastmen, humans, dwarfs, arachne, oni, medusas, pixies, orges, giants, machinas, and even liches.

Some are from ancient clans in hiding, others a part of discriminated races, part of an endangered species, or individuals that possess extraordinary talent and power.

They were first accidently gathered and became under the protection of the sanctuary’s master but later became the citizens of a small, but fantastical nation of legends and the family of the master they insist to call king.

Welcome to the residence of the Sakamaki Family: The Sanctuary of Ataraxia, meaning “serene calmness” as well as “not fearing gods.”

A spectacular sanctuary that literally stands above the world.


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