Ataraxia Sanctuary: Chapter 2


The two arrived at the command center. There were already six people present.

Frost Dragon King and Former Principal of Starfall Academy, Agnoren Dynern: His true form is a massive frost dragon wearing additional crystal ice armor, but in dragonewt form, he appears as an old man in his late sixties with nicely-comb, grey hair and a short beard wearing a nice black suit. He has visible blue scales on the sides of his face and golden reptile eyes and is currently acting as the head butler of the Sakamaki family. He is also an expert and teacher in ice magic and dragon magic. He is also a magic gem grandmaster. He holds the strength to end a city in seconds and brews one hell of a cup of tea.

High Fairy Queen and Guardian of the World Tree, Elysia Rose Bloomheart: A country-destroying mature beauty with golden hair and long pointed ears. She holds an elegant and cold air and possess four dazzling transparent wings on her back. She is the head maid and in charged on the battle maids. She is specialized in spirit magic and wind magic and also a peerless marksman with a sniper rifle or a bow as well as a grandmaster in enchanting. Famed with titles such as “Bow Empress” and “God’s Arrow,” nothing can escape her sights.

Blood Demon Exalt and the owner of the Gates of Cerberus Tavern, Blake Quinn: A tall quiet bishōnen with black hair and ruby eyes. He has two short horns on his head and slightly pointed ears. Cleanly dressed in a navy blue waistcoat, he appears as a silent bartender, but in reality is the chief strategist, a guardian of secrets and blood armament and black magic specialist. Blake is a reliable and intelligent man who can see through the emotions and past of anyone just by the type of drink they order.

Chief Fenrir and Ambassador of the Spirit Beast Forest, Ryu: With the ferocious head of a wolf from the neck up and the enormous body of an armored holy knight, he has a friendly and joking personality that contrasts his warrior appearance. He is an excellent general and leader in addition to being a skilled fighter. He possess the talent in being able to mobilize troops faster than the wind. When it comes to speed, mobility, and dominating the battlefield in any environment, he is unparalleled.

Flame Elemental Empress and Guilds Association President, Natsumi: An active and playful girl appearing in her teens with flaming red eyes and hair tied in a ponytail wearing a short white kimono and her entire hands and wrists wrapped in boxing tape. She holds genius skills in management and is a grandmaster in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts to the point no one including Iori can defeat her on technique and skill alone.

Emperor of the Shadowstalkers and Head of the Intelligence Agency, Heresy: Appearing as a black misty shadow in the shape of the face of the King of Hell with six eyes, horns, and a demonic grin, he is in reality a nice guy that is in charge of the many teams specialized in stealth, investigation, and intelligence. With the skills in controlling the shadows, he holds the power to get you information on almost anything and the power to topple any ninja or assassin clan.

These six were lined up in a line and bowed at Iori and Yoko’s appearance. Iori nodded before they got into they resumed into their positions near the control and display panels. Iori and Yoko then head to the central control panel which was a circular platform surrounded by hundreds of floating crystals and magic circles.

“Agnoren, What’s the current situation?” (Iori)

“The outer magic barrier is taking some damage. Overall shields are currently down to 37% and decreasing overtime slowly. We should be able to maintain them and prevent further decreasing if we prioritize the energy supplying the shields.” (Agnoren)

To be able to damage the barrier of the Sanctuary of Ataraxia to this extend already suggests something with great destructive power. Luckily they can still hold.

“Good, keep that shield running until we figure the situation. What is the public response, Natsumi?” (Iori)

“All civilians are ordered to remain calm. I said that we’d be getting more information and will make an announcement soon.” (Natsumi)

“Give me visual on the entire outside and any more information on the sanctuaries conditions.” (Iori)

Elysia interacted with one of the magic circles and crystals before a giant holographic screen appeared in front of Iori. The image began to materialize, but all could be seen was white.

“Elysia is something wrong?” (Iori)

“This is truly all we see outside. Every spectrum of energy signature or way of viewing results in a blank. It doesn’t seem to be any magic. Everything still remain unknown.” (Elysia)

“Any information on the cause of this? If it was a planned organized attack, the intelligence agency or patrol should have heard of or spot something. Was it Skeletal Tail? Maybe, the Holy Light Empire? Or maybe the Court of Omen? Maybe the gods are attacking again?” (Iori)

Heresy responded to Iori’s words.

“Your majesty, our reports from the spies since this evening said nothing of planned attacks or schemes from those groups. The patrol a few hours ago was also perfectly normal. It’s also unlikely to be the gods. Currently we can’t get into contact with any of the members outside the sanctuary.” (Heresy)

Those words surprised Iori because he knew better than anyone that communication between members of the sanctuary was nearly impossible to cut off entirely. Iori closed his eyes and was going to activated his unique skills to communicate when he felt a tug on his shirt.

“Papa, I feel space-time shifts.” (Yoko)

Iori carefully thought of the meaning of those words. He sharpened his senses and realize that there were unfamiliar and hard to detect fluctuations in space-time and the cosmic barriers.

“Focus all computers and devices to detect any cosmic or dimensional anomalies! Hurry!” (Iori)

A few seconds later the sanctuary felt another quake. This one was more intense and it nearly made everyone fall down.

“Your Majesty, the screen! (Ryu)

Iori shifted his shifted his sights back on screen as the white faded. What appeared was a mostly blue marble with large areas of land. The thing that left Iori speechless was small mass of land surrounded by water. Even after countless millenniums, he still remembered that particular shape

“I-It can’t be!?! J-Japan. I’m back on Earth?” (Iori)

Iori’s loud words also shocked the others.

“P-papa, we’re in the world you were born?!?” (Yoko)

Iori could only nod back in response.


“The communications are receiving something.” (Blake)

Looks like there’s even more surprises.


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