Ataraxia Sanctuary: Chapter 3

“Y-Your Majesty!” (???)


The imagine of the tearful smiling face of a woman appeared on screen. The interesting thing was the joyful face was on a severed head and held by the body of a female warrior in black armor who had a purple fame in place of the head.


Dullahan Knight Captain and Head Ambassador of the Ataraxia Sanctuary, Alexandra D. Maverick: She is an excellent leader and negotiator with a decisive and direct personality. Confident greenish blue eyes and stylish a purple bob cut hair makes her popular with both genders as well. Alexandra was instructed to work with other countries in bettering relations, do charity work, and strike down corrupted powers. With her trusted broadsword, Mmaagha Kamalu, she rivals armies and bring forths victory ceaselessly.


Sob, Sob. I knew you’d come. Sob.” (Alexandra)


“Sorry, Alex, but could you explain the situation?” (Iori)


“Yes! There’s still a lot of detail, but I’ll summaries. As you can probably see. We are currently on Earth, the home of Your Majesty. What you’ve experienced is completing the arrival or crossing of the merging of two worlds. We have concluded that the world of Seraphis and Earth have merged into one with Earth as how you say the main body or foundation. We call this the Convergence. It’s likely some form of cosmic phenomenon that is used so a planet or world can evolve to a higher world.” (Alexandra)


“Thirty-Five years ago, 2024, the Convergence happened and Earth began to develop different forms of energy, most of which was mana. Mana started to built up as Earth evolved. Dungeons and monsters then started appearing. Humans with special power and abilities appeared alongside that. Magical resources like ores and plant too appeared. This unexpected and abnormal situation caused civilization and the population to fall since normal guns and bombs couldn’t harm the higher level monsters.”  (Alexandra)


“The population dropped to around 3 billion after only five years. That was when development and thing progressed further. Countries and governments fell and rose. The humans became smarter and tried their best to gather individuals with special powers or abilities later called “hunters” to fight monsters and fight dungeons.”  (Alexandra)


“Dungeons are nature monster nests like they were in Seraphis. The humans had to clean them out ever so often or else a Dungeon Break where monsters explode out will happen and harm lives. There also powerful monsters that appear outside of dungeons from spots of dense and polluted mana or mutated animals that turned into monsters. Hunters are rewarded and tasked with killing monsters, challenging dungeons, getting resources like magic stones, and protecting civilians.”  (Alexandra)


“That was how it was for the first ten years. Then things and people started to appear. People from Seraphis would start to pop up as well as buildings, forests, and sometimes masses of land. Like how I said how Earth was the main body. The people of Seraphis and Earth then started to encounter each other. There were some conflicts, but due to the leadership of some individuals and the fact that some Seraphians had incredible power, an alliance was made to co-exist and we would help fight monsters. It’s been like that since. I was one of the first, one of the twenty-five years ago, who arrived and helped end the conflicts that concluded with the alliance”  (Alexandra)


“The only forces and citizens of Ataraxia who were outside the sanctuary seemed to be the only ones that appeared uptil now. We were able to gather and formed a network and many organizations thanks to our superior training, powers, and blessing. I’ve been setting communication towers and methods to contact the sanctuary in case it appeared ever since.”  (Alexandra)


The eight took some time to digest those words.


“Twenty-five years, huh. It’s been hard on you, Alex. Thanks for your hard work.” (Iori)


The dullahan smiled at Iori’s thanks as if all the years of hardship were worth it. Alexandra then turned around to an soldier that had something to inform her. Her expression then changed to a serious attitude.


“Your Majesty, a few minutes ago somehow all the dungeons are simultaneously showing signs of beginning a Dungeon Break. Can you please lend us a hand?” (Alexandra)


Iori revealed an excite grin as his blood boil in anticipation of the action that he hasn’t experienced in a long time.


“Natsumi, inform all citizens about all details and explain the situation. Ryu, get ready to deploy the troops. I want all of the main forces and supports for combat and protection of civilians. Keep our full strength hidden, still, keeping lives safe is always the priority.“ (Iori)


“I want Valkyrie, Spartan, Oath, Dragoon, Caduceus, and all forces up to class 4 to help. 4 or 5 personal per dungeon. And one support personal with healing per group to help injured civilians. Prepare with haste and ready at the drop zone. Agnoren will help with rescue procedures. Blake and Heresy will be help with communications and intelligence support from base. Yoko with me. Gear up!” (Iori)


“Alex, send us the coordinates. Elysia prepare the Starfall Protocol and send out this message across the planet. Radio channels, television, phones, mana frequencies, psychic waves, all of them. I want the entire world to know!” (Iori)


The message: Fear no more. Sanctuary is here.


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